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Chipmunk Venerated, Mouse Reviled: Why?

Chipmunks are cute, adorable, in fact. Mice are not cute, rather deplorable you could say. Why is that? Both are small, run fast, eat and intuit similarly and even look a little alike, except for one big thing: the one is pretty and the other is not. Munk has colorful stripes and a cute nose that perks up as he looks at you, from a distance for sure. They both keep their distance, though the mouse hides, sort of knowing he’s not a pretty thing to you, and certainly not wanted, while the munk runs and darts around like you are in his neighborhood and not the other way around. Munk does things that amuse you, like stand on his hind legs and munch on a nut, spilling the shells from his adorable little cheeks. He’s earned that nut, scavenging for it, and eating it is his just reward. The only time you see mouse is the split second he appears across the floor to scare the wits out of you or sprawled out in a trap. He’s stealing whatever he finds in that kitchen, even though you yourself have tossed it or left it out. Munk’s a winner whatever he does, mouse is a looser.
What a difference exists between munk and mouse and what’s the lesson? Well, it’s better to be pretty. Statistics have shown that for sure – in politics, education, love, money – success all around. And it helps to be colorful and cute and have a few appealing tricks up your sleeve.Seeing in the dark arielles story